Nenad Ivanisevic



Nenad Ivanisevic - director of gerontology centre in Subotica

EDUCATION • Elected as a senior lecturer in the field of Economics and Finance on March 28th 2016. • Completed doctoral studies, thus earning the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences. • Postgraduate studies completed: Master's degree in International Economics, area: Economic Diplomacy • Licensed Professional Worker in the Field of Social Protection, Faculty of Law • Higher Administrative School • Secondary School of Mechanics 3. WORK AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES - State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure since August 4th, 2017. - Lecturer at the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism in Vrnjacka Banja, University of Kragujevacsince 2016 - State Secretary for International Cooperation, European Integrations and Projects at the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' Affairs and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia since July 1st2014. - Director of the Gerontology Center in Subotica since January 22nd 2013 - Acting director of the Gerontological Center in Subotica from October 10th, 2012 - Deputy Director and Coordinator of the Professional Work of the Gerontological Center in Subotica from November 16th, 2011 - Director of the Gerontological Center in Subotica since 2001 - Part-time professor in the subject of the Constitution and Citizens' Rights at the "SvetozarMarkovic" Gymnasium in Subotica, 1999. - legal expert for the Protected Housing Service since 1998 - Human Resources Officer since 1996 - employed at the Gerontology Center in Suboticasince 1995 4. PROFESSION ENGAGEMENTS Appointments: - Co-President of the Serbian side of the Intergovernmental Mixed Commission of the Republic of Serbia and Hungary for Minority Rights - National contact person on the project "Integration of Roma 2020" implemented by the RCC - High Official for Programming Assistance from European Union Funds - National Coordinator for the Employment and Social Policy Program - Co-Chair of the Subcommittee for Implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement in the field of Research and Innovation, Information Society and Social Policy - Chairman of the Negotiating Group 19 - Employment and Social Policy - Member of the Committee for the Preparation of the Employment Program and Social Policy (ESRP) - President of the Council of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for Improving the Status of Roma - Deputy Coordinator of the Working Group of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for Solving Mixed Migration Flows - Member of the Working Group for the Development of the Action Plan for the National minorities - Member of the inter-ministerial working group for the development of the document "Strategy for the Inclusion of Roma in the Republic of Serbia 2015-2025" Realized projects: - Member of the Steering Committee of the IPA project "Strengthening social cohesion in the labor market through support to marginalized and vulnerable groups" - Member of the project National Council of Global Project "Inclusion of Migration into National Development Strategies" - Member of the Steering Committee of the project "European Support for Roma Inclusion" (TARI project) - Participant on the IPA project program Dragons at the turn of the centuries - travel through the miraculous secessionist world, cross-border project with Hungary - IPA Project Manager Regional Center for Education, Prevention and Rehabilitation of Persons suffering from Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis, Cross-border Cooperation with Republic of Croatia - Project Manager Social Inclusion Funded from EU Funds - Project Manager Pannonian Care Funded by cross-border funds of the EU - Public works 2009 – 2012 - Public works 2007 - Day center for disabled people and elderly people - Protected housing as a unique type of care for the elderly - Individual approach to better occupational therapy - Social therapeutic community as a form of socialization of mental patients - Let's beautify and ease age - Contemporary beds for intensive care - New club for new age - Staying active in the late years - Easier aging with new services – Modern information system for the Gerontological Center - Development of open forms of care for the elderly and ill persons - Modern living and not just housing in the Gerontology Center - Recreation in the health service - A step forward in occupational therapy - Energy efficiency projects of social protection institutions (20 projects) - Project coordinator Supported housing and day centers for people with disabilities - Project coordinator Research and testing of persons with disabilities in the NorthBacka District - Member of working groups for decentralization of services in the social protection system, established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy - Norms and standards of social care institutions in 2003 - Introduction of high standards in social care institutions in 2002 Awards and recognitions - JCI (Youth Youth Corps of Subotica) - award for socially responsible work towards customers (consumers) for 2010. - 1stplace at the Economist Media Group competition and Jobs Infostud for the best employer in Serbia - 2nd place in the Economist Media Group contest and Jobs Infostud for the best employer in Serbia - Special recognition by the Economist Media Group and Jobs Infostud for 2008. - Special Award of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for 2008 for the best institution in the social protection system in the Republic of Serbia - Prizewinner of the Republican Prize III and the Charter for Extraordinary Contributions to Improving Social Protection in the Republic of Serbia - Prizewinner of the PRO-URBE Award in 2006 PUBLISHED BOOKS AND SCIENTIFIC PAPERS - "Handbook for writing project proposals with a special review of projects in the field of ecology", Subotica, 2011 - Published article in the journal Economist, April 2011 - "Managing the process of reforming the social protectionsystem in Serbia in conditions of transition ", Belgrade, 2010 - External associate in writing textbooks "Designing the organization", textbook at the Faculty of Economics, Subotica, 2009, author, prof. Dr. EsadAhmetagic and others / case study of the Gerontology Center in Subotica - Co-author of the book "Organization and restructuring of public enterprises" in the group of authors prof. Dr. EsadAhmetagic and others