Zoran Pajić

Organizer of service
provisions department


Zoran Pajić - organizer of service provisions department

Born in 1969 in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovinawhere he completed primary and secondary Electrical Engineering School, department of energetics. He enrolled at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka, and due to the situation in the country at that time, he transferred to the Technical College in Subotica, Energetics department. He graduated at the end of 1996, and thus earned the title of Electrical engineer. Shortly thereafter, he was employed in the factory "Sever", as an engineer-designer, in the design and production department of the diesel power generators, the tractor unit, the mini hydro and wind power plant, until the beginning of 2003. Then he applied for a position in the world trade network "Wurth", in their branch office in Belgrade, where he was employed and engaged in commercial affairs until November 2012. Since then, he has been employed at the Gerontology Centre Subotica as the organizer of the multi-sector department, which deals with the provision of different services to the users of the centre. He married in 1998 and has two daughters.

Email: zoran.pajic@gcsu.rs