Sarić Lukendić


club host in
GK „Centar 1“ and
GK Prozivka


Sarić Lukendić Bojan – club host in „Centar 1“ and GK Prozivka

Born 17.07.1986. in Subotica. Graduated from the Secondary Polytechnic School of Graphic Design and High Technical School of Vocational Studies in Novi Sad, in direction of Web Design. After completing his studies, he was employed at the Gerontology Center in 2010 and since then has been the host of the gerontology club "Centar 1". A year later, after the opening of the club "Prozivka" he became the host of this gerontology club also. He is active in sports sections, handmade workshops and as well in recreational activities at the Gerontological Center.